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Meet our people!

Meet our people!


Paolo Zanoni

Piero Zanoni

Gian Luca Zanoni

Piero Zanoni

He started in the ceramic field as responsible of first-run and testing kilns. His strong point is the trust that he gains from customers, which led him to hold important managerial activities: Sales responsible for Monter (Montedison group), Sales Area Manager South-America (SACMI – Imola), general business partner and Area Manager for South-America (Intercer).

He is Honorary Chairman of INTER SER.


He took advantage of his competence in management engineering to extend worldwide the business model created in South America, adapting it to the particular needs of each Country. Gian Luca is CEO of INTER SER and has the role of pioneer when the company moves towards new markets.


From his experience as mechanical engineer, he took the right starting points to expand the business of INTER SER to special machinery, flanking it to the long-term business of original spare parts. Paolo is CEO of INTER SER and is responsible of leading the technical team during the accurate and meticulous control of every machinery proposed to clients.

SALES Department

Andrea Rosate
Purchasing Manager
Andrea Codispoti
Purchasing Advisor
Alberto Stringi
Area Sales Manager

Federica Caramini
Area Sales Manager
Massimo Barale
Technical Manager
Ivo Zanetta
Area Sales Manager

Marco Grani
Sales & Business Development Manager

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He becomes a part of INTER SER team in 2005, by providing the company his engineering studies. After some time his commercial capability emerges and leads him to develop the Middle-East market. Alberto is Sales Manager for the areas of Middle- East, Russia and Egypt.


After a degree in Management Engineering, he works for several year in the tourism industry holding responsible position in the administrative area.
Ivo enters the INTER SER team in 2012, taking care of the south-american customers with the delicate task to consolidate the already strong longterm
relationship of trust.


With the experience gained in the commercial field, in 2015 she can enter fully-fledged the Sales Team of INTER SER.
Federica is particularly focused on opening new markets and on the growth of INTER SER activity in new Countries, such as those in Europe and North Africa.


He starts his activity after electronic studies. More than ten year experience in the mechanical sector (Cerruti spa and Caterpillar), where he acquires also competence in the pneumatic and hydraulic fields. Massimo enters INTER SER in 2010 and he is currently the technical and purchasing manager and sales responsible for Brazil.

Marco Grani

Solid experience with machineries constructors then, manufacturing consultant for International Ceramic groups.
His role completes INTER SER service with technical development and process optimization, consolidating the partnership relation with our customers.
Based in Sassuolo, working with suppliers and ceramic companies to search for innovative solutions and develop winning proposals to give effective benefits.

Andrea Codispoti

Key element of INTER SER team since his establishment in 1996. Through the years, the technical experience gained and his professional skills led him to manage the selection
of spare parts providers. Andrea is also consultant for the purchasing department.

Andrea Rosate

He got a degree in Economy and Commerce in 2002. Currently he manages the purchasing and the warehouse supply.
With the competence acquired during his previous working experience, Andrea also supports the commercial team for offers to customers.



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