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The company was founded in 1996 to meet the customers’ requirements so to receive original spare parts with better ways and shorter times than the standard offer.

A path built on the decades of Piero Zanoni’s experience in the ceramic sector, the pioneering attitude of the sons Gian Luca and Paolo, respectively a management engineer and mechanical one.

Today the vision that drives INTER SER choices is to establish an ever closer collaboration with its international customers and partners in the Sassuolo district in order to create solutions that fully meet the challenges of the business.


INTER SER becomes a strategic business partner for 23 tile manufacturers among the 25 most important in the world.

The administrative headquarters of INTER SER is in Vercelli, between Milan and Turin, while the warehouse and the logistics department are based in Sassuolo (MO), the center of the Italian ceramic industry.


Marco Grani Manager of international experience arrives

A prominent figure in the Italian ceramic industry area makes his entrance in the company: Marco Grani.
Experienced Manager at international level, he is the resource that gives added value to INTER SER as technical partner between suppliers and customers.
A decisive step forward for the future of the company.


Enea Green and I-nkfiller

Two new elements are added to the company’s proposals: Enea Green and I-nkfiller.
A new way of interpreting the business begins to take shape, an activity that combines the supply of spare parts with design and the development of complex systems and plants.
A new business scenario opens up: INTER SER as dialogue point between customers and suppliers.


The Sales Team is strengthened

The Sales Team is strengthened with the addition of key figures necessary to reach new markets in Europe and in some areas of North Africa.
A new warehouse of 2000 square meters is bought in Sassuolo. The automation of logistics flows, the tracking and labelling technologies are a greater support to the company’s speed.
This new space allows an even more accurate and efficient service towards customers.


Eolo, the strength of the air.

Digital printing for decoration spreads. In order to better operate with this new technology it is necessary to provide the cooling of the tiles before printing. The network built between INTER SER, customers and suppliers sort the solution out: its name is Eolo and the air is its strength. Read the story


the reds arrive

Customer service, marketing, technical and logistic areas are improved with the expansion of the workforce.
The network with customers and suppliers consolidates more and more: we work together on the spare parts: "the reds", read the history of the belts.
INTER SER starts operating in new important markets including Brazil.


Reliability that becomes firmer

Profits reinvested in the company bring the share capital of INTER SER from 10,000 euros to 500,000 euros. The company becomes an even more reliable partner from the point of view of financial soundness.


The concrete value of the business partner

Alongside the traditional business of original spare parts, the collaboration with the best mechanical workshops in Sassuolo begins to offer to the customers innovative machines that are easy to use and designed to solve critical situations.

INTER SER becomes a business partner for its customers, sharing their needs with the manufacturers of the Sassuolo district.


The family widens

The previously existing "family" company structure (s.r.l.) takes a largely operational corporate form in a joint-stock company (s.p.a.).


The value of sharing

The first foreign branch opens: INTER SER de MEXICO SA. de CV.


Made in Italy, ready for export

INTER SER operates worldwide thanks to the support of local agents and distributors, the turnover and the number of customers increase in triple figures.
From these first steps the company begins to trace the path that will lead to export the 100% of the turnover. A further value as a support for Italian partners looking for specialization in foreign markets.


Young pioneers

Gian Luca e Paolo, in 1998, expanded their business operations in new markets such as Far East, Middle East, Africa and the United States, obtaining an extremely positive feedback from the market.


The experience that becomes a business: INTER SER is born

Piero, during his long lasting activity, has collected excellent results in terms of trust in some countries of South America. From here, INTER SER begins to concentrate its activity.

Enea Green

The king of coolers is born in Colombia.
Read the story of Enea Green, the press cooler that reduces consumption in the company.

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3 August 2022

New agreement between Inter Ser and Minerali Industriali Engineering

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What's new

14 March 2022

INTER SER in India for Comet Granito with I-NKFILLER ® technology.

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11 February 2022

INTER SER exceeds 20 million euros in turnover and celebrates entry into ACIMAC.

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