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The company was founded in 1996 to meet the customers’ requirements so to receive original spare parts with better ways and shorter times than the standard offer.

A path built on the decades of Piero Zanoni’s experience in the ceramic sector, the pioneering attitude of the sons Gian Luca and Paolo, respectively a management engineer and mechanical one.

Today the vision that drives INTER SER choices is to establish an ever closer collaboration with its international customers and partners in the Sassuolo district in order to create solutions that fully meet the challenges of the business.


INTER SER becomes a strategic business partner for 23 tile manufacturers among the 25 most important in the world. The administrative headquarters of INTER SER is in Vercelli, between Milan and Turin, while the warehouse and the logistics department are based in Sassuolo (MO), the center of the Italian ceramic industry.





and beyond

INTER SER is the reference supplier of 23 among the 25 largest manufacturers in the world.
The team further strengthens the technical staff and develops the consulting activity thanks to the trust and reliability built
over the years.
INTER SER becomes a partner of many Italian manufacturers that do not have a foreign commercial network and supports them in the development and distribution of solutions.


Increase share capital, customer service, range of products, services offered and number of countries served.
Increase of qualified staff in the commercial, technical and logistic sectors.


The core business of spare parts is flanked by the proposal of machines and innovative solutions to be included in existing plants. INTER SER becomes more and more the business partner for its customers.


From S.r.l. to S.p.A. the "family" corporate structure takes managerial corporate form. The solidity of the company increases. The Mexican branch INTER SER de Mexico is born.


INTER SER was born thanks to the network and thirty years of experience in the field of Piero Zanoni, a profound connoisseur of the South American market.
Gian Luca and Paolo as pioneers of made in Italy spare parts in the world of ceramics expand the presence of INTER SER also in the USA, the Far East and the Middle East.

“Help me!” A true story

Readiness is being in the right place, at the right time with the right solution.
Read what it can occur when the right place is the whole world.

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23 April 2024

Inter Ser obtains new certifications

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12 February 2024

Inter Ser reports new record turnover

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30 January 2024

Tecna People | Gian Luca Zanoni, Ceo of Inter Ser

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