INTER SER story so far

INTER SER was born in 1996 as a trading company, specialized in the international sale of spare parts and machinery for ceramic industry.
The company is managed by the Zanoni Family.
In the Family there is Mr. Piero Zanoni’s deep knowledge.: a 50-year experience in the ceramic industry.
Piero took his first steps in the quality branch as an oven tester and then as a Sales Manager at Monter (a company belonging to Montedison group). Later, he became Sales Area Manager for South America at SACMI (Imola) and finally in 1980 he became general partner and Area Manager for South America at Intercer.
Across from their father’s proficiency, there are the twin brothers Gian Luca and Paolo Zanoni, respectively Industrial Engineer and Mechanical Engineer, who immediately realized that all plant and machinery manufacturers could not manage a post-sales support with the same flexibility and readiness usually required by the final users.
They have therefore identified a market niche connected to two main activities : the spares supplying service and the sale of some machineries composing the complex production systems in the big companies of the ceramic field.
At the very beginning, INTER SER focused its business on some countries of South America to exploit the feeling of trust created by Piero throughout his career. Thanks to Gian Luca and Paolo’s initiative, in 1998 INTER SER extended its operations into new markets such as the Far East, the Middle East, Africa and the USA, getting an extremely positive feedback from its customers, proven by a constant increase in turnover and profits one year after the other.
In 2005 this growth led to an evolution of the previously existing ‘family’ corporate structure (s.r.l.) and to the adoption of a largely managerial corporate structure, turning INTER SER into a public limited company (s.p.a.).
In 2009 and 2011 INTER SER realized two corporation stock increases through the company profits.
The corporation stock now amounts to Eur 500.000,00 against Eur 10.000,00 of the first year of activity.
In 2004 INTER SER founded a new branch in Mexico ( whose turnover is continuously increasing) while in 2011 it opened a new one in Brasil and in 2016 a new operational center will be actionable in the U.S.A.
INTER SER is present in many other Countries (more or less worldwide) through its representative offices.

Over the years, INTER SER managed several investments on infrastructures and technology so to improve the customer service, and strengthened his marketing, technical and logistics staff, with skilled employees.
In 2015 INTER SER achieved a remarkable result: it is effectively a landmark supplier for 22 tiles manufactures among the 25 biggest ones in the world. A praise which the company is really proud of.
The administrative headquarters of INTER SER S.p.A. are in Vercelli (near Milan), while the warehouse and the logistics department are in Sassuolo (MO), the center of the Italian ceramic industry.

Our Numbers


We want to become the preferred partner of tiles manufacturer leaders whenever they need the most reliable, fast and globally spread service for the maintenance of their machinery.
We are one of the top suppliers in the original spare parts sector; based in Italy, we have been working in the ceramic field for many years and we can take advantage of our proximity to Sassuolo ceramic district.
We are able to supply any kind of parts simply by working with the machine manufacturer codes (part numbers).
Our streamlined structure and our trading volume grant you very competitive prices.
We are very fast in delivering and in replying to any enquiry. We can organize worldwide “groupage” deliveries to reduce your purchasing and administrative costs.
We currently serve Customers all over the world (Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Costarica, Ecuador, Egypt, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Oman, Peru, Philippine, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sudan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, USA, Vietnam and many others).
The “MADE IN ITALY” trademark was created to defend the industrial property and the products of excellence of our country.
MADE IN ITALY has always been a history of ideas, a certainty of quality, synonymous of care for details, imagination and innovation in projects, a simple and direct appeal to a culture of fine living and ability in production.
MADE IN ITALY is a talent that seems to be part of our genetic code, so natural, deceptively simple, but in reality, great ideas and solutions are the result of an intense work that requires a lot of care and an obsessive attention to details.
Finally, it‘s a strong response to counterfeiting.

Our Team


Paolo Zanoni
Piero Zanoni
Gian Luca Zanoni


Andrea Rosate
Purchasing Manager
Andrea Codispoti
Purchasing Advisor
Alberto Stringi
Area Sales Manager

Federica Caramini
Area Sales Manager
Massimo Barale
Technical Manager
Ivo Zanetta
Area Sales Manager


Head Office

Warehouse and logistic