I-nkfiller® arrives in South America

15 mayo 2023

The automatic ink, material and glue filling system for digital printers is gaining a foothold in Peru, Argentina and Guatemala.

After establishing itself in the European and US markets and completing the first installations in Mexico, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, I-nkfiller® is now gaining a foothold in South America with shipments to Peru, Argentina and Guatemala.

Produced and patented by I-Tech, a leading supplier of glaze and ink preparation solutions, this innovative automatic ink, material and glue filling system for digital printers has already completed more than 110 global installations with the support of Inter Ser’s sales expertise. The company led by Paolo and Gianluca Zanoni is proud of the achievement.

“We are proud to have succeeded in conveying the value of I-nkfiller® for ink management in the South American market,” commented Ivo Zanetta, Inter Ser’s area manager for Argentina. “Investments in this technology often risk being sacrificed for other priorities. The advantages of the system really become evident once it has been installed and include a significant reduction in digital machine maintenance costs, elimination of human error and high finished product quality.”

Paolo Zanoni, CEO of Inter Ser and Area Manager for Peru, agrees, noting that the use of I-nkfiller® guarantees a significant improvement in process automation while also allowing for a rapid return on the investment (on average one year). The solution also brings a significant reduction in environmental impact, including less waste, less plastic consumption and lower CO2 emissions for transport.


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