Inter Ser almost doubles its revenues since 2019

14 febrero 2023

The company posted record growth over the three-year period 2019-2022, with sales of more than €23.5 million (+20%) in the financial year 2022.

Inter Ser, a company specialising in the international distribution of original spare parts and machinery for the ceramic industry, posted a new record turnover of more than €23.5 million in 2022. This marked a 20% increase on 2021 following the previous year’s 42% growth. The figures reflect a successful business model that has enabled the company to almost double its revenues compared to the pre-pandemic year 2019.

“We have been able to guarantee our customers continuity of supply during this highly turbulent period thanks to an efficient corporate structure and the responsiveness that has always been one of our hallmarks,” commented CEO Gian Luca Zanoni. “This has enabled us to consolidate our leadership position and increase our market share.”

To cope with the increase in sales of spare parts and ceramic machinery produced in collaboration with several leading companies in the Sassuolo cluster, Inter Ser will continue to invest in improving its efficiency and safeguarding the environment.

“In 2022, we doubled the size of the Sassuolo logistics centre and at the same time invested in eco-sustainable technologies to reduce our environmental footprint and energy consumption,” added CEO Paolo Zanoni. “In 2023, we will install a photovoltaic system and purchase additional automated warehouses to enable us to increase stocks and further speed up logistics management.”

Well aware of the strategic importance of human resources, in 2022 the company recruited new professionals and organised training courses to improve the levels of expertise across all departments. For the sixth consecutive year, the company also confirmed its corporate welfare plan, performance bonuses and a special contribution to help with rising utility bills.

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