INTER SER: successful recipe for ceramics

1 February 2022

Dear Customers,

we want to share with You our interview published last 21st January in “Il Sole 24 ORE”, the most important economic and financial Italian daily newspaper.

The outstanding achievements of these years are certainly the result of the trust you placed in us and of mutual support.

We are sure that together we can keep growing and reaching new important goals.


Gian Luca Zanoni                   Paolo Zanoni     

INTER SER CEO                  INTER SER CEO



Successful recipe for ceramics


On the facade of the warehouse INTER SER in Sassuolo from which depart machines and spare parts for the ceramic industry for over 60 countries stands the inscription “Reliable, Fast, Worldwide.”

“Reliable, Fast, Worldwide” at INTER SER is not a slogan but the description of the main elements of a business model that has made it possible to reach two goals: year-on-year turnover from birth in 1996 and become reference supplier of 23 of the 25 largest tile manufacturers in the world (Ceramic World 2021).



The twins Gian Luca and Paolo Zanoni who run the company explain that “In our sector being reliable means offering credibility on delivery times, the widest possible range of products identified among the many excellences of the Sassuolo district and on-site assistance with a network of specialized agents.”



The second element explains the strong growth of the last two years despite the pandemic period (+ 10 % in 2020 and + 40% in 2021): “In a period of shortage of raw materials, and consequently delays in deliveries, the market has confirmed confidence thanks to the reactivity that customers have always recognized us” adds Gian Luca Zanoni.



“It seems simple but for us to be global means offering solutions that only the expertise and passion Made in Italy know how to realize combined with processes adapted to the highest international standards, in all moments of contact with the customer.” says Paolo Zanoni. “We make promises we keep and we are close to the customer in the face of a difficulty.”


Networking to ensure quality and innovation

The predisposition to establish partnerships with all the players in the district, and therefore to see the entire supply chain, is the ingredient behind the success of this model.

INTER SER Spa was born in Vercelli but with a logistics center in Sassuolo, in fact plays a connecting role between the ceramic market and the companies in the district.

Thanks to regular visits to customers around the world, the sales team works with production and maintenance managers to identify possible improvements in production processes.

The technical department of INTER SER studies these ideas with companies of Sassuolo for the joint design of easy-to-use machines that can integrate into existing production lines.

“The direct consequence is that INTER SER is recognized by the suppliers – as well as for punctuality in payments – for its contribution to the research and development of the district and to the growth of productive companies that do not have a commercial network” noted Piero Zanoni, father of the twins and senior of the business sector.

Simple ingredients that translate into a not obvious recipe for the development of Made in Italy in the ceramic sector and that could be an inspiration for other sectors too.


INTER SER: consulting and supply for ceramics

 Activity in 60 countries, turnover 2021 over 20 million and over 30 employees worldwide (including Mexican branch).

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