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The Magic of the Caliper

ABRA CALIBRA has been designed to facilitate the measurement of firing test, carried out periodically from the different departments for production process control. These measurements are performed mainly in following departments: Press Kilns Squaring Laboratory (Technological or Quality control laboratory)
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Exclusive Features

  • Reduction of the times for measurements of firing test: the operator has more time to dedicate to other tasks.
  • Simplifies the procedure of measurement, it eliminates read errors and the repetition of measurements.
  • Robust tool designed to be placed in department, close to production lines (unlike the more sophisticated and delicate laboratory equipment and preferable to the traditional caliper).
  • Fast zero setting system and possibility to certify it directly by the plant by the measure of the sample plate, used also in sorting line (in alternative Johnson blocks/rods).


  • Available in different variants with wide range, to measure all formats available on the market.
  • Measurement of both squared and rectangular tiles.
  • Diagonal measurement option included.
  • Precision 1/10 mm with digital numeric display.
  • Small size, power supply 220V.

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All these products are exclusively from INTERSER and come from the Sassuolo district, one of the world wide recognized excellences of Italian manufacturing and are protected by the MADE IN ITALY trade mark.

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