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Replacing SPINGUM tube with ROLLERPRESS is the solution to many of your problems Does the spingum tube give you these production problems? - Irregular layer of engobe under tiles? - Vibrations during rotation? - Splash drops of refractory product on tile surface causing quality downgrade? - Uneven application with areas with too much product and areas without? - Over applied product creates deformations of the tiles or defects that are visible on the surface under reflecting lights? - Staining patterns transmitted during stacking storage on platforms after firing or in the finish good warehouse inside the boxes? - Decrease the density of the engobe to reduce patches defects but then having more body/glaze stuck on the kiln’s rollers causing frequent stops for cleaning? We have the solution: replacing the SPINGUM with the ROLLERPRESS You will no longer have the above-mentioned problems and consequently: - Apply engobe evenly distributed allowing you to reduce the stops to change and clean the ceramic rollers of the kiln. - Less breakage of rollers during replacement or during cleaning process with a final lower ceramic rollers’ consumption. - Reduce tile defect and reject. - Minimize problems of flatness in the kiln due to touching corners. - Better movement and order of the rows inside the kiln, with easy handling at kiln exiting, more safety for operators and reduction of reject.

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