Eolo, the God of winds

Air is its strength, production speed is your result.
Read the story about the machine that supports the fastest production lines in the world.

The story at a glance

2013, digital printing for decoration is spreading out. In Brazil, where the production speed is already a fundamental characteristic, production lines are very fast and tiles do not have enough time to cool down before entering digital printers. The solution comes thanks to one of customers’ feedbacks, they allow us to complete a machine prototyped by one of our suppliers. Its name is Eolo and air is its strength.

“The speed of Brazil is something that you can touch by hand. First of all the growth of the Country itself in economical and structural terms in very few years: every time I come back here I can see changes and find news. In addition, the production speed of our sector: the production lines of Brazilian tiles are very fast.”

Massimo Barale
technical and purchasing manager, area manager for the Brazilian market.
Massimo Barale


During my usual meeting with our customers in Brazil, the production manager shows me their last purchase: a digital printer for decoration. A significant technological improvement, an important investment that brings many advantages. He tells me how they reduced cost for decoration patterns change, he praises the quality of the finished product, the detail that you can obtain and, fundamental characteristic, the speed of production.

The Problem

However, there is a problem, something that has to do exactly with speed. The tiles come out of the line still too hot to go in the new digital printer, the line is short and they cannot cool down in time to be correctly printed. The situation is not easy; the risk is to have invested willing to improve the quality of products and to speed up production, but now facing the possibility of having to slow it down to save quality, invalidating the investment itself.

The Solution

Once I come back to Italy I confront myself with the technicians of the company Fimo, one of our suppliers based in Sassuolo. I find out that the machine that would solve the problems of my Brazilian customers exists and its purpose is exactly to cool down tiles with an airflow conveniently treated.  However, we are talking about a machine tested and used in Italy, were the lines work on lower speed. Both we of INTER SER and our partners in Fimo do not want to propose to our customers a machine that is not totally ready. In this case though, nobody, between our trusted testers, has the same production speed of Brazilian plants.

An obstacle

However, it is a machine tested and used in Italy where the speeds are lower. Both we at INTER SER and our partners at FIMO do not intend to propose to the end customer a machine that is not fully prepared. In this case, however, none of our testers has the same working speed as the Brazilian factories.

The final result

We decide to dare: we send the machine to undergo the Brazilian speed test. Everything goes well and our product becomes a reference point for those markets needing to cool down tiles in short time. We called it Eolo, because air is its strength.

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Make your digital cooler

The advent of digital printing entailed the need to solve the problem of tile temperature during printing. This flow of cold and dried air drastically reduces the surface temperature of the tile and eliminates the formation of condensation vapours .
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Massimo Barale

technical and purchasing manager, area manager for the Brazilian market.

The key point of his business attitude are:

  • Will to face challenges that come from customers’ requests.
  • Open attitude towards different point of views (technical and cultural).
  • Benefit from positive energy coming from the working place and team.


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