Testing and production: a question of balance

How can costs and quality be predicted for an excellent finished product?

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The story at a glance

The technological laboratory of a ceramic factory for testing throughout the production process is a key element for factories. It allows us to understand in a preventive way if there will be problems of process stability and, consequently, on the final product that will be made. The instruments used must analyze meticulously and return accurate data. 

The necessary investments must be balanced, to save the right without losing quality.  This is how we supported our customer in choosing the right price-quality ratio and in the correct evaluation of what to buy.

I think the routine is lethal.

I am not comfortable at all if I have to carry out repetitive tasks, I prefer to explore new challenges and, to face them, I have a very clear and proven process: listen, learn and only then put into practice. 

I am in the sales team of INTER SER and I have accepted the challenge to dedicate myself to the market of countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Korea, Sri Lanka, a part of Europe and North Africa.

The wealth and cultural diversity of our clients in these areas have made me grow professionally and, above all, humanely.

Federica Caramini
Sales Manager for Europe and North Africa.
Federica Caramini

The customer

A well-established customer, a large producer in Kazakhstan, is planning to open a new plant and has decided to buy made in Italy technology.

Inside the factory will find space a laboratory for testing all phases of the process and the finished product and the owners already have on their desk an offer of equipment to buy.


Kazakhstan is a huge territory: 2.7 million square kilometres, the ninth largest country in the world.

One of the meanings of its name is “free-independent-wanderer” and when I first heard of it, I was fascinated. I found in those three words some parts of my character.

I had to meet a client who was planning to open a new plant, it is a delicate moment: You have to juggle the purchase of machinery for production, investments for structure and environments, contracts with staff, in short, bureaucratic and operational formalities.

The word ‘balance’ is a good synthesis of what an entrepreneur must find between quality and cost to start a business.

Our client wanted to involve us in this challenge in a specific area of the plant but equally important: the technological laboratory.

The problem

The laboratory is where all incoming raw materials and then the process parameters are analysed to verify that the finished product meets its own specifications and market classes, samples of the ceramics are then created for technical and qualitative testing. 

We are talking about sophisticated, delicate and often very expensive machines. The criticality of our client is to be able to buy high-level technology while reducing costs without sacrificing the quality of the analysis. The purchasing office in Kazakhstan already had a list of many machines to buy, with a rather high total amount compared to their expectations. 

The solution

The relationships of trust that we establish with our customers as Sales Manager of INTER SER have always gone beyond the sale of the product. 

Despite the distances we manage to keep the contacts alive, we plan visits, calls with our customers and we listen to them. We also became their eyes on what happens in the world’s most famous ceramic district, Sassuolo, where they cannot be physically present.

During these years the INTER SER sales technical team has been strengthened by incorporating figures with solid technical experience, and this allows us to provide to customers an additional advisory service. Precisely with our technical team we decide to analyse each laboratory machine indicated in the list of our customer to perform an ad hoc study, together with our supplier located in Sassuolo.

An obstacle

The total value of machinery on the list presented was very high, an additional cost to add to a significant total investment. In addition, there is still a need for high-level machines that can guarantee reliability and safety.

Therefore, it is a question of finding a balanced solution for the customer: a specific and sustainable investment without sacrificing quality and equipment needed to carry out the laboratory activity. 

The result

We prepare a tailor-made offer for our client, selecting the essential equipment for the laboratory and presenting a related report including layout and technical information. We have indicated which instruments needed to be purchased immediately and which could be evaluated and, if needed, added later, carefully explaining the distinction made. All this, of course, by maintaining the high-quality level of the instrumentation without being overloaded with costly and unnecessary equipment. The result is a final amount almost half of what they already had!  The customer then decides to confirm this first series of machines, sure of having everything necessary to operate efficiently and with considerable savings. An operation that has allowed us to distinguish ourselves by the work of study carried out and thus strengthens the bond of mutual trust.

Federica Caramini

Sales Manager for Europe and North Africa.

– Collaborative and inclusive approach

– Determined and prepared for professional challenges

– I am curious: I deepen, learn and then put it into practice 


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