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Besides all original belts used in sorting line we can supply the exclusive RED PTR Special Anti-Wear Coating belt by INTER SER for sorting lines Our special belts have been studied and produced with a Red PTR Special Anti-Wear Coating. The big advantage compared to a normal belt is that the Red PTR Special Anti-Wear Coating belt by INTER SER last much longer than the standard belts for sorting line and it allows a better grip on the tiles. So this new type of belt has a life which is almost from 3 to 5 times longer than a standard belt and this helps you to save a lot of money since you avoid many machine stop for maintenance. The cost of this new type of belt is higher compared to the standard belts but considering the longer life and the reduction of stopping the machine for maintenance at the end the real cost is much cheaper. The most important tiles producers all over the World use our special belts, they are so satisfied that they now require only these kind of belt for their sorting line.

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