“Help me!” A true story

Readiness is being in the right place, at the right time with the right solution.
Read what it can occur when the right place is the whole world.

The story at a glance

Frequently, to be ready means to arrive at the right time with a good solution.

The client asks and the supplier, at the right time, resolves.

However, when we are talking about such a wide area as the world, the concept of “right time” could be relative. In Malaysia the right time to get some spare parts is on Christmas Eve.

“I always wondered how many festivities there are across the world.

Since several years I have been travelling high and low across the planet, INTER SER is present nearly at every latitude, and every culture I came across to has its own commemorations, ceremonies, national days. I never thought about counting them all or writing them down somewhere.”

Gian Luca Zanoni
CEO and owner of INTER SER.
Gian Luca Zanoni


I think it is fair to allow ourselves to a break from work, sometimes. Each of us “obeys the Sabbath” in his own way, with family, on vacation, exploiting the most of his free time for his passions. When you deal with such a wide market as the whole world, for a company like ours, it is not easy to take into account the festivities of our customers.

Otherwise, it can happen that “at home” everybody is celebrating, but this does not happen in your customer’s “home”.

The issue

Christmas, for example, it is not a feast day in the near Morocco or in Saint Petersburg (actually, in the Russian city it is celebrated on January the 7th).

Also in Malaysia the Nativity it is not considered as a festive day.

Exactly during Christmas time, I download my email and find one with the subject “Help Me”, immediately I am doubtful, it might be spam that has not been blocked by the provider. Actually, I see that the sender is one of our customers from Malaysia, a company that is a long-standing client.

I read the content: the request for help concerns the necessity to find a spare part. The risk is to having to stop the lines until after the end of the year, causing a production block that would cost really too much money.

Indeed the spare part is made in Italy and the holiday season does not guarantee shipment and transport as regular as the rest of the year.

While investigating between our suppliers, we discover that this spare part is fabricated by a trusted Italian manufacturer and it is available immediately. Furthermore, the part is available at his factory. Although the difficulty of shipping during Christmas holidays remains.

The Solution

However, INTER SER and its partners know very well how important it is for each customer to be always operational. Therefore, we agree with the manufacturer, we go and collect the spare part and we take care of the shipment making sure that the material will arrive on time as promised.

It has not been easy but with the right amount of responsiveness, everything ended well.

We can say that it has been a Merry Christmas even in Malaysia.

Gian Luca Zanoni

CEO and owner of INTER SER.

The key point of his business attitude are:

  • To instil confidence and trust to the working team.
  • To enhance value, from the suppliers towards INTER SER clients, building the network.
  • To find solutions for the customers’ problems.

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