Plants for large sizes and slabs

To invest in cutting-edge technologies to be competitive on the market.

The story at a glance

Plants and technology for the production of large sizes and slabs are on the agenda of those who invest in new ceramic factories.

But market analysis and ROI do not always fully justify this vision. The experience of the technical staff of INTER SER can provide support in evaluating in an appropriate way all aspects of the investment perspective.

During my travels I find it interesting to visit the production facilities because, whenever possible, I make my experience available for customers. I am perfectly comfortable, we talk about the operation, the machines, the production with respective yields and difficulties. It starts with more open and discursive questions but then the conversation gets into the practical, becoming interesting and useful for both parties. A comparison that brings value, ideas and solutions.

Marco Grani
INTER SER Sales Technician
Marco Grani

The customer

The property of a large ceramic company that wants to differentiate itself in its market by buying machinery for the production of large sizes and slabs.

It is a technology that guarantees to be open to the future but requires a substantial investment and a series of adjustments in the context of the company.

The variability and uncertainty of the market lead the customer to the search for reference points that know the right tools in a thorough and objective way.


The flexibility of technology is one of the most sought-after things. 

I believe that machines and instruments should be integrated into modular projects.

This ensures the sustainability of investments in any transitional market phase without giving up thinking big for the future. 

The Problem

The demand for large formats is not always immediate or the one desired with optimism in the design phase.

The market’s reactions are articulated and could force to work in extreme conditions and at unfavourable costs. 

Moreover, the variability of the market could require different and transitory productions, compromises, for longer periods than planned.

The Solution

I am contacted when the customer is interested in an expansion project, to evaluate the various decisions or the technical equipment, then making an objective analysis of pros and cons, looking for critical issues and proposing solutions.

We also evaluate aspects external to the plant alone but just as important as logistics, production costs in the various scenarios and formats, new or different strategies needed in the distribution network.

We get to talk about everything, not only about the product or services, there are not only questions and answers but dialogues, interactions, concrete feedback.

The result

I joined the technical commercial team of INTER SER for my experience in the field and for the effectiveness of my approach with customers. 

Having managed construction sites of all kinds and all over the world, I can give support in evaluating the feasibility of projects in an objective and pragmatic way.

In this way the customer gets the flexibility he needs according to the size, the needs of his company and the overall project becomes concrete immediately, modular and above all sustainable. 

Marco Grani

INTER SER Sales Technician

Marco Grani, INTER SER sales technician with a long and consolidated experience in the field of global ceramic companies, from machinery to different production and manufacturing contexts.

The strengths of his way of working:

  • Strong practical sense
  • Technical knowledge and experience on the ceramic market
  • Sincerity and transparency

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