21 June 2023

The LAMOSA Mexico group and CEDASA/INCOPISOS Brasil group (respectively No.2 and No.10 in the world in terms of production volumes – according to the ranking published on CWR148 from 2022) have chosen the ENEAgreen technology.

The LAMOSA group purchased 10 ENEAgreen for their factory in Peru and Mexico while the CEDASA/INCOPISOS group has purchased 12 units for the Brasilian production plants located in Santa Gertrudes SP.

ENEAgreen is the first cooling system for hydraulic presses oil using variable ventilation, is designed and manufactured by FIMO, leading company in the ceramic sector for more than 30 years for the presses cooling systems, and exclusively marketed by INTER SER in several countries, including the whole South America and the majority of Asian countries.


With the introduction of ENEA in the 1980s, the ceramic industry chose to become independent from water favouring air-cooling.

The continuing trend of formats increasing, has led the market to develop hydraulic presses increasingly powerful and to research for cooling systems ever more performing.

Hence the first evolution of the system with the introduction of ENEAplus in the 1990s.

The research of higher efficiencies and the need for reduced energy consumption is what started the project ENEAgreen with variable ventilation, that allows to achieve significant energy consumption reduction (at least 30%) and cooling performances improvement.

Currently there are more than 320 installations of ENEAgreen worldwide!

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