National Ceramic Industries group chose I-NKFILLER. The smart ink lands in South Africa.

22 October 2018

The ceramic manufacturers in Italy, Spain, United States, Mexico and Belarus have been won by the great advantages of I-NKFILLER system, now landed also in South Africa.

The ceramic factory Pegasus, part of the National Ceramic Industries South Africa Group, one of the 20 biggest tiles manufacturers in the world, is running  the innovative installation I-NKFILLER with great satisfaction.


The smart ink.

I-NKFILLER has been developed by the company I-Tech and distributed by INTER SER in several Countries covered by an exclusive distribution agreement.


It is an innovative system to automatically feed the ink tank of digital printers. Inks are no longer purchased in 5 or 10 liters jerry cans but in tanks with a capacity exceeding 200 liters. This quantity is stocked in smart tanks (I-Vasfi) that keep the ink under recirculation through a membrane pump. The I-Vasfi are connected directly to digital printers and the system feeds the ink automatically when necessary.


INKFILLER is having great success because it pays itself back in a very short time (less than a year) and it solves several problems, like:

  • Disposal of exhausted cans of ink;
  • Sedimentation problems (avoiding waste of ink);
  • Important reduction of human mistakes.

Furthermore, the automation of this system ensures a saving of time and a better quality of the final product.


Win-Win-Win, Like No Other!

The most important manufacturers in the world are choosing the technology of I-NKFILLER and we are particularly proud to announce that it has landed in South Africa as well!

This latest success contains the added value of our work.


INTER SER supports customers in their production challenges.

The frequent visits of our staff to our customers allows us to identify the problems and to share the solution. It is a real valuable relationship with our customer that is strengthened by the support of the best Italian companies, especially from the Sassuolo area. These partners develop innovative products to provide solutions, focusing on research, innovation and realisation, while INTER SER’ task is to identify customers’ criticisms.

It is a unique line of work (“like no other”, as our new payoff says) and a winning solution for everybody and, in this case for PEGASUS, INTER SER and I-TECH: win-win-win solution.

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