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Exclusive Features

■ Outstanding simplicity of the machine and easy installation on the line frame without major modification:
■ Uniform and accurate engobe application. No needs for operator to adjust the quantity of product applied, therefore no more differences in adjustments in between shifts;
■ No more defects of refractory drops and dotting on surface, thanks to the application through engraved silicone rollers;
■ Benefits of planarity or deformation visible at reflection, especially in glossy production;
■ Possibility to print logos or “Made in” writing using laser engraving;
■ Longer state of kiln rollers cleanliness: the cleaning stops are getting fewer and it is possible to plan them in advance, synchronizing them with other line’s stop activities. Consequent increase of monthly hours at full kiln, reduction of fixed and maintenance costs
per square meter;
■ Improved order and advancement of pieces inside the kiln as well as the efficiency of kiln unloading machine. The operator has more time to dedicate to other tasks, less manual unloads, less defects and more safety for the operator himself.

The outstanding results and performance delivered by ROLLl®to customers using it on medium/ large size production, led us to develop a new machine for smaller size production based on the same concept.
ROLL-X® is the new engobe applicator especially developed for medium/small production, easy installation that allows to obtain a uniform application of refractory engobe under tiles, an essential requirement to maintain the condition of ceramic rollers and the physical qualities of production.

The machine is equipped with ROLLERFLEX diameter 180 mm, silicone roll laser engraved, super soft to follow any tiles curvature for even application.

The laser engraving of ROLLERFLEX D.180 can be customized according to client’s needs, enabling logos and writing as well as dosing the product applied on tiles having back pattern particularly smooth or not so marked.


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